Please open the NotesLogsLists file first & read the information in the header section. This will give you an overview of the website. The entire website is in the process of a full rebuild and upgrade. There will be just one main file when complete. Presently I have the “NotesLogsLists” and “SiteData” files on display. I am now working on incorporating the two files into one. This will take many years to complete. Also included is a separate file named the “Historical register of all aircraft used by the Irish Air Corps”. The “NEW” NLL and SD file will be section ONE when complete and the IAC register, section TWO. Mapping will become THREE. I am presently unable to edit the partial mapping file now on view, which is out of date and is locked at 500 sites, not all available. This section will be totally upgraded, with a new platform.  I have decided to leave it there until the new version is ready. And section FOUR will be Photos. An entirely new photo album will be added later. ……………..  Hugo Wilhare & KDM Ireland…04.01.2020



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